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MOO and REM MAPS invite you to:

T O R E M O O S    - J a n u a r y    2 0 2 1

TOREMOOS is a TempO Online Series created by REM Maps, staged in various suburban Milan locations with the MOO concept (Milano Orbital Orienteering).
Huge thanks to Torus Cup for inspiration, to Libor Forst who hosts the Series on his Tempo Simulator and to Martin Locker for TOM (TempO Maker) used for creating the tasks.

See one of the best Online TempO competitors 'while he answers'!
Follow Ben Kyd's YOUTUBE Channel: live videos of TOREMOOS, uploaded each day after competition ends. Super cool!

C O M P E T E    H E R E

T O R E M O O S     T E S T  (no need to register)

T O T A L    R E S U L T S

C O U N T R Y   R E S U L T S

C L U B   R E S U L T S

- Day 1, Station 1 is voided
On task 1.2 the map and flag placing was ok, but it was impossible with only a picture (with a picture it is very hard to estimate distance and it is possible to have distortion of lines) to give a unique answer. Both answers A (the two trees form the copse, the third tree back is the green circle - and this is the actual scenario) and Z (the copse is formed by two trees near and one tree back) are plausible.
NOTE: My preferred solution to deal with this problem would have been canceling only task 1.2 and keeping the rest of the station (with only split time removed). This is not currently possible with IOF rules (all the station should be canceled by actual rules), but given the technology we are using (with split times for each answer) and given the 'not official' nature of these online competitions, this could have been an experiment to share this new rule proposal to the TrailO community. Unfortunately this is not implemented in TempoSimulator right now, so for TOREMOOS I have to cancel the entire station and leave this rule change proposal as a topic of discussion for the future as a possible way to improve fairness of results.

- Day 2, Station 2 is voided due to extra (7th) flag visible

- Some suspicious results have been detected these days. Please remember that this is a game based on fair-play. If you are cheating I don't think you are making a big damage to the TrailO community (maybe 5 cheaters on 1000 competitors is not a big deal) but definitely you will make organizers waste a lot of time to check and understand what is going on... so simply please don't cheat :-)
Some disqualifications have been made now (and some will happen soon) so please check your scores before heading into the last competitions because they changed (Day4 and Day6 as far as I know).
Personal note by Remo: On Day 6 Torus Executive Board guys strongly asked me to leave to them the investigation/decision on cheaters. Despite I most of the time disagree with these Torus guys (this is not a secret) and despite Toremoos is not part of Torus I decided to accept their request to end the competition in the smoothest way. So these decisions/investigations are up to them now - I still disagree on the timings/communication/decisions they are having, but Toremoos is hosted on a platform not managed by myself so I have to compromise.
So people, enjoy the last 4 days of Toremoos and if you are a cheater WATCH OUT! Torus Police's gonna get you sooner or (possibly)later.

- Due to some unavoidable :-) misunderstanding between me and Libor please note that the 23.59 ending time that I previously stated on this webpage is wrong. TempoSimulator official ending time of competing is 23.30 despite letting you compete until 23.59. So please compete before 23.30 CET to avoid server upload problems. Sorry about that!

From Monday January 11 2021 - one competition a day.
Every competition is available from 0.00 to 23.30 CET

Tempo Simulator

Competition is open for registered users (if you competed in previous Torus just make sure to login to reactivate your account and give consent to the GDPR regarding you data in result lists).
You can register on TempO Simulator homepage clicking on 'Register' button - direct link here

You can find a test/training competition on the 'Free training courses' section of Tempo Simulator open from Saturday January 9.
This is mostly useful to check picture size in your monitor and find your own settings - see below

There is only one class (no A or B)

Sum of points of 10 competitions - all competitions count.
Point system is the same used in CHIS CUP.
There will be a Country classification (best 5 each day) and a Club classification (best 3 each day)

No prizes awarded

All maps are located in Milan area, mostly in suburban areas following the MOO - Milano Orbital Orienteering concept.
Terrain is very suburban: urban parks, rural parks, street junctions, residential areas etc. etc.
All maps are mapped by REM MAPS in recent years and updated for the competition.
All maps are ISSSprOM 1:4000 - 2m contours.
The maps are all already published and visible on this page.

All competitions are made of 3 or 4 stations - with 6 flags and 5 tasks each.
Zero tolerance is always 4m with no exceptions

All pictures are Street View with flags added with image editing.

You can give your answer using the mouse (clicking on the answer button of your choice - or touching it in case of touch-screen) or the keybord (pressing the keys F1-F7, 1-7(0) or A-Z)

My task is to have the same conditions for all competitors with screen size 1280x1024 px or more.
All flag pictures have the same size in all stations, all days: 1120x439 px. So the tasks maps have the same size through all the competition.
There is NO zoom available for both pictures and tasks.
The competition has been tested on my 1280x1024 px monitor. I used Chrome browser with a 110% zoom and Full Screen (F11) and everything looks super clear.
You can use the test/training competition on the 'Free training courses' section of Tempo Simulator to see what is best for your monitor/screen (browser zoom/no zoom - Full screen/no full screen)

Please compete with your real name, don't use two accounts to have the competition twice and don't send screenshots/comments/videos/answers to other competitors that still have to compete - it is a game based on fairplay, thank you

You can send me suggestions for voiding a station if that is unfair for the results. Most probably if it is unfair I will notice before you tell me, but you never know

If you are new to Trail Orienteering you can find some short info here:
and official IOF (International Orienteering Federation) rules here:

Remo Madella [REM MAPS - ITALY]
remo -at- remmaps.it


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